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Macey & Hayden Hesp

Macey & Hayden were made for each other.

In every look and touch, you can tell how perfect they are together.

Styling their wedding was a pleasure, they knew what they wanted,

where they wanted it and how they wanted it.

Everything down the the last little detail was planned and styled to perfection to bring Macey's vision to life.

The gorgeous bright sunflower yellow took your breath away in The Chapel; where they held their ceremony in in the company of family and friends.

The colours, textures and styling at their reception in the Infinity Room complemented their style beautifully.

Natural earthy tones set off amongst the black stagecoach lanterns with touches of copper lighting,

really bought that wow factor.

With so much love and laughter in the air surrounded by their nearest and dearest,

it really was a day and night they will cherish forever.


Celebrant: Donna Fornasiero

Planner: Layla Simmons - Daydream Island

Florist: Sofi & Flora

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