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Lauren & Scott Poynting

Nothing else matters when you have each other, your children

& those you hold close ❤️

Family values are strong in this beautiful couple with Lauren's children helping pick her engagement ring and managing to keep the proposal a surprise whilst seeing the northern lights in Alaska on a family holiday.

While covid stopped the plans for an overseas wedding Lauren & Scott knew they had to stay in Queensland with the picturesque scenery of The Whitsundays and endless activities made for the perfect location.

Q: What part of the day was special to you and why?

Lauren: "Having us as a family standing up at the altar together. It was special even though we had our guest there with us, essentially all we needed was Scott, myself, the kids and our Celebrant. Nothing else mattered thats all we needed to make our family official."

Q: Where did you splurge?

Lauren: " We splurged on our reception we wanted really nice food and for our guests to feel looked after, as they all spent money to make the trip up to our wedding".

Q: How did you go about planning your wedding?

Lauren: "I would highly recommend a wedding planner I found it too difficult planning a destination wedding without knowledge of any of the suppliers. It was stress free, hassle free wedding planners are definitely the way to go! I didn't feel stressed at any point prior to our wedding day, everything was taken care of for me."

And those flowers...

Divine Weddings Whitsundays. What can we create for you?


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Divine Weddings Whitsundays. What can we create for you?


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