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Laura & Anthony Barker

Why do something classic when you can do something perfect differently ?

This is what Laura and Anthony Baker are giving to the challenge of having a simple but refined wedding. Our lovely couple , originally from England now living in Sydney, chose The Whitsundays but more precisely at Mirage, to celebrate their love in an intimate place with their closest ones. Most of whom travelled all the way from the UK to witness their special day.

To make this moment unique and special, we called on our dear vendors Sophie from Sofi & Flora for these magnificent peach and orange flowers. These colours which represent human contact and compassion bring a feeling of comfort and simplicity to the ceremony.

Their simplicity and their requirements to be facing the sea and in a heavenly place filled their satisfaction and made this wedding radiant like the smile on their face, pure joy and happiness.

Divine Weddings Whitsundays. What can we create for you?


Florist: Sofi & Flora  

Divine Weddings Whitsundays. What can we create for you?


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