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Kim & Leigh Paterson

Kim was an absolute delight from our first meeting. A very lovely and relaxed Bride, elements of which flowed throughout the wedding.

Christine Raymant conducted a beautiful Ceremony where guest seating was arranged in a semi circle around a central area. With no formal aisle it made for a very tranquil setting where everyone had a full view of the couple whilst they exchanged vows.

Open spaces and scattered tables throughout the lawn created seating zones where guests were able to mingle and enjoy the evening in a very relaxed atmosphere. Rustic elements with native loose leaf gum added texture and soft natural colour tones to the tables which were very pleasing to the eye.

Peach and Pear Catering provided a lovely sumptuous grazing table where guests could help themselves to a range of delights throughout the evening.

We would like to wish Kim and Leigh many heartfelt congratulations and best wishes on the union of their marriage and their families.

Vendors: - Celebrant: Christine Raymant Civil Marriage Celebrant

Styling: Divine Weddings Whitsundays

Catering: Peach & Pear Events . Catering​

Venue: Whitsunday Marine Club

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